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Yoke Steering Wheel is the One Thing that Refreshes Your Tesla Interior the Most.

Dripo Gear makes the best quality of Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla without an original Yoke Steering Wheel option. Stock is available in Los Angeles, California where you don't need to wait for half month to get it.

Fake Yoke Steering Wheel


You may wonder how could a yoke steering wheel be fake. Yes, they are!

Recently we've found there are Yoke steering wheels from other sellers that are fake yoke. They just saw off the original Tesla round steering wheel's frame and attached a bent soft metal piece as the main frame, they are very thin and soft, possibly to be bent under any emergency situation.

Always put your safety first! Yoke steering wheels from Dripo Gear are made with one piece of high-strength alloy, it's thick and sturdy when there is an accident they won't break.

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Adjustable Wrench

in LA Areas

Yoke steering wheel installation is available in LA County, Orange County, and San Bernardino or Riverside. Installation takes about 20 minutes.

Or you can just follow our video guide to easily install by yourself with very basic tools.


Ready Stock
In California

At Dripo Gear we keep the yoke steering wheels in stock and ready to ship from California, so you can have it in your hands within days. No more 3 to 5 weeks waiting for international delivery! Order directly from US and get your yoke steering wheel fast and hassle-free.


3 Days Free Shipping
Within The US

At Dripo Gear, we are proud to offer our customers the top quality Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel at an unbeatable price, with fast and free shipping. Our Yoke Steering Wheel is in stock and ready to ship in as little as 3 days to any location within the US, it's completely free! Get your hands on the best Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel on the market now!

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